Creative Digital Design with a Product and UX/UI expertise


Our services

Creating eyecandy products

Product Design

Finding the sweet spot between the needs of the business and of the user.

Forging smooth flows

UX/UI Design

Exploring ways for the user to interact as intuitively possible with your product.

Taming your design library

Design Systems

Creating one source of truth and consistency for (a team of) designers to take and use.

Blood, sweat and tears

Walk the road of Sjennon Experiences

Have been walking the path of design since 2015 and took detours in branding, merchandising and offline products, to end up in digital-, product and UX/UI design.

About Sjennon Design

Digging up and revealing the essence of your brand, mission and goals to the world

Design process, understanding user needs, creating and validating solutions, strategic thinking, identify opportunities, scaling products, voice ideas, 

Proactive, curious, flexible, problem-solving.

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